Deep Ellum can go deeper into the night

The Boston Licensing Board today voted to let Deep Ellum, 477 Cambridge St., stay open until 2 a.m. - both inside and, during nice weather, on its patio.

The restaurant/bar had previously been limited to 1 a.m. inside and 10 p.m. outside. At a hearing yesterday, Deep Ellum presented petitions signed by 1,500 people in favor of the added time.




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Ciommo, if, in the future, I live in Allston, and you are still opposing late night hours for any establishment "on principle" I will make every effort to make sure you are not re-elected. Let's have some common sense, please.

My counselor does no such thing.

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Exactly right. Deep Ellum greatly increased the quality of life of A/B by adding one of the best bars in the city to our neighborhood. Ciommo should have seen it as an exception to his rule and supported it.

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Sort of agree?

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My larger point is that making "no" a default position does your constituents a great injustice. Each proposal needs to be considered thoughtfully, and if you can't do that, then I don't want you on the City Council.

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Tell it to the constituents

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The "default position" doesn't come from nowhere.

It comes from the people who vote and support the candidate consistently year after year.

As long as the crowd that Ciommo counts on for his votes continues to demand earlier hours, he's going to continue to cater to them.

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