Deer becomes roadkill in West Roxbury

Boston Police report a deer jumped in front of a startled motorist around 8:30 p.m. yesterday, causing a two-car crash - and its own demise - on Baker Street near the cemeteries.

On arrival, officers observed two cars, one that appeared to have rear-ended the other, and a deceased deer in the roadway. Officers spoke to the operator of the first car who stated that she was driving along Baker Street when the deer came out of nowhere and jumped in front of her motor vehicle. According to the operator, she was unable to avoid the animal.

Police say a driver behind the first car was unable to stop in time and hit the back of the first car. Both cars, however, were able to leave the scene under their own power, unlike the deer.

In December, another deer met its demise in front of Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain, when it collided with a Boston Police cruiser.



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    God that's sad. My

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    husband thinks he saw a dead coyote this morning by the side of Centre St. near the Faulkner Hospital. That's sad too.

    Classic Lesson

    Following distance and speed control are important. You never know what can just jump out in front of you - a deer, a young child, an unsecured load ...

    The first driver probably had no chance, the second driver was following too closely if they couldn't react in time.

    I wonder how insurance would

    By Eric on

    I wonder how insurance would be handled in this incident.

    This is what I think will happen:

    The first driver is out her deductible no matter what (either $500 or $1000). Her policy's comprehensive coverage should cover the damage to the front of the vehicle caused by the deer. She will not get any points and her rates should not go up. The damage to the rear of the vehicle is caused by the second driver. Her insurance company will go after the second driver's insurance for the damages.

    The second driver is responsible for the damage to the rear of the first vehicle caused by the collision. Her policy's collision coverage will pay for the damages to both vehicles. The second driver will get probably get 2 points and her rates will go up. She will also be out her deductible obviously.

    Former New Hampshire

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    Former New Hampshire resident's first reaction: "Good thing it wasn't a moose."

    From NY state,

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    and these and the coyote stories crack me up every time. By me it would have been "good thing it wasn't a cow", but a deer will still ruin your day too.

    And as fate would have it...

    Was driving with a friend back home at around that time... decided to take LaGrange street instead of Baker hoping that if we drove by Blanchards, we could buy some beer.

    Yeah, beer got me out of this one. Thank you Samuel Adams!