Defacing a memorial to victims of one massacre probably not best way to attract supporters to your effort to end a different massacre



Free tagging: 



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Stay classy, you young "activists."

and yet no mention of the

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and yet no mention of the boston common 420 incident, what gives uhub?


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What was the Boston Common 420 incident? First I've heard about it.

What's next from the Kony

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What's next from the Kony supporters... tipping headstones at the local cemetery?

Once they've finished spray painting memorials, maybe they could pick up their flyers that are littered all over the city of Boston.

At least they aren't running

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At least they aren't running around putting up "Save Tibet" flyers and stickers ironically printed in China.

not Kony supporters - slogan is used by detractors

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"Kony 2012" is the name of a film which denounces Joseph Kony - an African warlord whose forces have killed/raped thousands and sacrificed armies of children soldiers. It was made to support the movement to have him arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.

The actual slogan for the movement is "Stop Kony". The movie and the associated foundation have been slightly controversial for cutting some corners on the in-depth facts and timeline of Kony's 'career', and concentrating more on apprehension and less on helping his victims. But pretty much everyone agrees that this guy is a truly evil person.

Personally, I think the persons who use "Kony 2012" are idiots, exactly because it sounds like a pro-Kony coinage (and for a sociopth like him, probably makes him feel even more powerful).

I also think the person who did this particular grafitti may well have had zero real interest in the plight of anyone but himself, and just wanted to tag and feel righteous about it. Complete bullshit.

Kony Vandals

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Saw more Kony vandalism spray painted on planters on Beacon St in Audubon Circle. Not the way to raise awareness.

Allston Hipsters strike again

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Assholes also went around tagging "Occupy" over bus stops and other places beck in the Fall.

Guess is makes them feel like a rebel, since they have no money and are too lazy (living of mom and dad's dole after all) to actually donate their time to a cause.

Don't forget

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The crunchy folk from JP, im sure they had a hand in this.