It's not just that he's loyal to the Giants

Jay Fitzgerald contemplates the controversy surrounding Steve DeOssie and his pre-Super Bowl denunciation of the Pats:

The most annoying thing, besides his bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you behavior: The thick New York accent he employed.



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The guy did win a Super Bowl with them

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If Pats fans want a cheerleader in the WEEI or WBZ booth, wait until Kevin Faulk or Deion Branch retires and put one of them in there.

In the meantime, it's nice to have someone balancing out Jerry Remy, Mike Milbury, Fauria, Brown, Heinsohn, Eckersley, Millar and the rest of the area homers.

I also love that this is what upsets Portnoy.

His son plays for them which

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His son plays for them which is why he roots for them That's perfectly understandable. He explained this before the last Pats-Giants Super Bowl.

Nice, DeOssie!

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Giving voice to all the Tri-Staters in exile up here. Drinks at the Pour House on me, my friend. I'll toast ya in the thickest Jersey aaaakccent I can muster.


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Well he lived two towns over from me in the 90s and used to hang out at places in Secaucus that my friends and I went to. Judging by this clip, it's pretty clear which area he prefers.