Desperate times call for desperate measures: One man does more than just curse the rain at Government Center

Mike Miccoli reported from Government Center at the height of one of the afternoon's storms:

Turnstiles at Govt Center aren't working. Of course, there are millions of tourists confused. Now I know what hell looks like.

Line to get into Govt Center is backed up into the rain. Of course, there's only one frantic employee trying to manually open each one.

Thankfully a true Bostonian used his hand to enter thru turnstile and let everyone in. MBTA worker not pleased, but hey, problem solved!



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As far as I know, every

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As far as I know, every station has a switch to open all the gates in an emergency. Why didn't the T employee use it?


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Yeah to let people OUT in an emergency, not to let a bunch of people in for free because of some rain.

So you think that when the

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So you think that when the T's system fails completely they should still be able to charge full price and make everyone wait 10x as long to pay it? Sounds pretty cool, and logical.

Some rain

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And lightning with people in an open area.


I'd say a severe thunderstorm

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I'd say a severe thunderstorm and a vaguely worded tornado warning for a county that consists of like 4 towns is an emergency enough to warrant opening the doors.

The original post says the T

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The original post says the T employee was manually opening the turnstiles.

If all the turnstiles (or the bus farebox) is broken, standard (if not official) T practice is to let everyone in for free. What else should they do in that situation?

Security Theatre

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Didn't MBTA managers tell us yesterday that their million dollar camera system would be used for emergencies like this?