Dig demands end to Boston's only all-night pizza delivery service



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TLDR, already knew about this from yelp years ago

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I was looking for late night pizza online, checked the place on yelp, and read horror story after horror story.

We're always reading stories about the licensing board chewing people out for staying open 10 minutes too late while hopping on the wrong foot using the wrong finger to tap their nose.

These assholes have been scamming people for years. Why do they still have their takeout license? (YES, you need a license to offer takeout in Boston! Can you believe?)

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This is ENRAGING. How the

This is ENRAGING. How the hell after Yelp reviews like that, complaints to the AG, and exposure broadcasted to the news is that place still open two years later? How the hell they are the only 24 hour shop?

I could have easily made that mistake in college and get charged $50 to my card and another $50 in cash for a $16 pizza. I think I would have went down there personally and into their scamming face - walk from my dorm to Copley at 4 AM if I must. I'm surprised that after ripping so many over the years that bad haven't generated one person to just sock them in the face. Of course, I would hope the AG would have done something more significant two years ago rather than the alternatives.

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Dispute it!

If I had the misfortune of ordering from this place, I'd call the credit-credit card company and dispute the charge.

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This is what happens in the city that always sleeps

This place reaps the benefits of a lack of competition due to the regulatory thicket that any would-be upstart competitor must navigate. If pretty much anybody could just open up a pizza shop and deliver pizza at any hour they pleased, it'd be anarchy these guys would be out of business.

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It's basically a guy who uses

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It's basically a guy who uses his dad's donut shop in Mattapan (Nikitas Tsoukales - he "credit fixes" as a day job) to make frozen pizzas late night, while using a fake non-existing Boston downtown address (Redditors actually walked around to look for it). This fake address helps them get drunken orders at night in Boston, because even wasted, no one would order anything from Mattapan. I'm assuming this also lets them be open 24 hours "in Boston." http://imgur.com/a/KQJO6

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