Disoriented in East Boston

Where's the station?Where's the station?

Lisa S. photographed the remains of the Orient Heights stop on the Blue Line today. The T is bustituting this weekend as it renovates the station.



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Orient Heights is the saddest, most pathetic MBTA station I've seen. All of the fences to separate staircases, rust holes, and corrosion was just bleak and pathetic. I would be embarrassed if I lived in that neighborhood. Good for the MBTA fixing it.

What overbuilt monstrosity

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What overbuilt monstrosity full of stairways, passageways, chutes and ladders, designed by persons who never ride the T nor live in Boston, will replace the outdated but practical Orient Hights station?

Overbuilt monstrosity?

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Are you talking about Charles/MGH? Because it sounds more like you're talking about Park Street...

You put someone on any inbound Green Line car and tell him to go to Davis Square. I'd put the odds at 1:10 that he'll wind up on the correct platform on the first try.

Park Street & Charles/MGH

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After living in Boston for 3 years now, I still have no idea where I'm going to end up when I take any of the red line stairs at Park Street. And Charles/MGH is one of my favorite T stations.

Well said, good sir.

Just remember to tell them

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Just remember to tell them not to follow the "TO ASHMONT & QUINCY VIA WASHINGTON" sign!

A shame, really

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If it's anything like what they did to Beachmont station, they will have replaced the last art-deco station with a hideous building made of entirely too much glass...

And this is the same T that's

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And this is the same T that's too broke to run bus service at existing levels, or run any weekend trains on the Greenbush line they just spent several hundred million building.