Dawn breaks, bear sleeps in Brookline

UPDATE: Around 9:30, environmental police shot the bear with a tranquilizer. He ran up the tree, then, after the drug took effect, fell out of the tree, to be carted away to someplace a bit more rural.

Brookline bearResting bear. Photo by Brookline Police.

The wandering, ambling bear fell asleep in a tree on leafy Pine Road, just off Hammond, which means it veered off a path that would have put it right at the Bertucci's in West Roxbury and could instead put it on a line for the Rte. 9 Star in search of some breakfast. Brookline Police tweeted at 7:36 this morning:

Officers on scene keeping quiet. Shhhh.

They then followed up with a couple of photos:

Black bear black bear what do you see? I see Brookline police looking at me.




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    Yes, he did

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    Police had set up this trampoline-ish thing, plus the branches slowed his fall. Then they packed him up with 480 lbs. of ice (from Brookline Ice and Coal) for a trip to, um, somewhere a bit more rural.

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    Does he..?

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    But did they get an answer to that vexing question...does a bear shit in Brookline?

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    Bears and trees

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    I recall some old advice about keeping food away from a bear: "put it up in a tree."

    Bears are getting smarter.

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    You actually hang it from a tree

    As we can see, bears can climb trees pretty well. ;-) So, when you need to protect your food (and yourself), you throw some line over a branch and hang a sack with all your food including things like toothpaste. The bears will figure this all out someday. ;-)

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