Does Northeastern have any quiet dorms?

The Huntington News reports that campus police were summoned to a dorm early one recent morning on a noise complaint from an anonymous student, they quickly learned from a resident assistant what the real problem was:

The officers spoke to an RA who stated the student is overzealous regarding other people living on the floor and often complains of people opening and shutting doors. Officers reported that there was no noise coming from the room the student called about. The department of Housing and Residential Life is handling the issue.

Ed. note: Oh my God, it's like my freshman roommate has come back to life and transferred to Northeastern. Dude kept unscrewing and hiding the lightbulbs in our room because he went to sleep earlier than me.



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    When I was there, they did

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    When I was there, they did have a dorm called the "quiet dorm." I forget which building it was though.

    Melvin Hall

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    Melvin Hall was the quiet freshman dorm.

    Four Girls, One Room

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    I'm noise and light sensitive.

    I considered that to be MY problem.

    I went to dollar a pound, got some spare sheets, and made a bed tent. Then I put my walkman on and listened to music OR just set it to a non-channel on the radio.

    I guess the baby boomers didn't invent the precious snowflake movement with their parenting theories - your roommate is proof that they existed in Gen-X as well.

    Control Freaks

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    They have a need for absolute control their environment.

    These are the people that

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    These are the people that move to the city and then do everything in their power to turn it into a suburb.

    Not Boston, Not Urban, Not NU problem alone

    Ask anybody who has ever been an RA anywhere at anytime - rural Iowa, Vermont, California, Boston, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s - and you will get the stories about *that* student who fundamentally could not understand that their shared room was not their own personal space to make rules for or that common spaces were not their home family room.

    If things are getting worse, it is likely because kids are more likely to have had their own bedroom growing up now than 20 or 30 years ago.

    I had the opposite experience

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    Granted, it was more than a couple of decades ago now. I had shared a room with my brother but the other three in my suite freshman year were the only son at least so they had their own room and we had a great time and got along famously. I think they enjoyed it more than me in some ways because it was a new experience.

    I did, however, enjoy my drunken roommate shaking me awake nights I didn't go out saying, "you want some noodles?". I would mumble yes and the next thing I knew he would be waking me up again with a steaming midnight snack of top-of-the-line Korean noodles that his mom supplied us with. A well earned freshman fifteen indeed.

    Needs a padded room

    The complainer should be offered a nice room, padded on all surfaces so its nice and quiet. The alternatives of white noise machines, ear plugs, noise cancelling headphones, and living off-campus will then gain appeal.