Dogs Against Roofracking has a JP chapter


Roving UHub photographer Gretchen Van Ness reports this morning from Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, where she saw:

A Toyota Camry with a very wet stuffed dog lashed to the roof wearing a t-shirt that says "Shame Us." Don't know who the owner is, but there are plenty of crazy dog people in JP! (I'm one of them, I have to admit).



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spotted in Allston

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Spotted him in Allston/Brighton (Cambridge Street) the other day. Didn't get a close enough look to see what it was all about but I assumed it was a Romney thing.

Shame-Us, that's funny

I like the "I ride inside" campaign even better. It affords man's best friends more dignity.

The Suffolk poll has Mitt down 33!! points against Obama. Previously it was 18. We know him best.

In a state where being caught

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In a state where being caught with a dead girl or live boy still results in politician getting reelected multiple times, somehow I think putting a dog on a roof-rack IS THE LEAST OF VOTERS' CONCERNS.

Old political adage:

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Don't get caught with a dead girl or a live boy.

See also Chappaquiddick

original author was Gov. Edwin Edwards of Louisiana, I believe,

the only state that competes with us for corrupt Democrats and the dimwits who enable them. Barney and "Hot Bottom", Gerry Studds and turning the page, Mary Jo Kopechne, the list is endless. Meanwhile we are worried about a dog whose picture still sits on the Romney's mantlepiece. (That's where the Globe got it.)That person in JP is making a fool of himself.

Corruption and dumb voters is not at all unique to MA or N.E.

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I've lived in other parts of the country and have close friends and family members who also live elsewhere. EVERYWHERE down south [southeast and southwest] has major corruption problems and their full share of dumb voters. Texas is off the hook. California is bad. I'm not aware of anywhere where this isn't a serious issue.

But I'd admit Massachusetts and New England are very forgiving in regards to issues like sex and sexuality 'scandals' compared to many other states.

That's a pretty lame comeback

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That's a pretty lame comeback because dogs are eaten in a lot of cultures, whereas no other culture that I'm aware of drives 8 hours on the highway with a "pet" strapped to the roof. Lots of early US settlers and explorers ate dogs, including Lewis & Clark (although they never ate their Newf).