Domino's slices plan for Roslindale Square outlet

The owner of a Domino's franchise on the Roslindale/West Roxbury plan has decided against plans to open up shop next to the Subway franchise on Washington Street, across from Adams Park, Roslindale Village Main Street reported this afternoon.

The announcement is a victory for Roslindale merchants - led by Roslindale Village Main Street - and residents opposed to the chainification of the square. Some 200 people attended a meeting at the community center last month to voice their opposition - and many were planning to attend a Boston Licensing Board hearing next month on a request for a food-serving license. In an e-mail today, Roslindale Village Main Street said:

According to Anthony Ross, an attorney for Domino's, they decided that given the issues raised by the community they are considering other locations outside of Roslindale Village.

Domino's had originally said moving from the outskirts of Roslindale to its center would help it better serve the 2,000 or so people in Roslindale it says already buy pizzas and related food items from it.

In the e-mail, Roslindale Village Main Street added:

Roslindale Village Main Street will continue to offer assistance to Chris Kotsiopoulos, the owner of 4238 Washington, to find tenants for his building that will add vitality to Roslindale Village. Over 30 people from the September 10th meeting signed up to find independent businesses for the building and RVMS is waiting to hear back from Chris about ways of collaborating.



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Prefer vacant storefronts ?

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The people have spoken and they prefer vacant storefronts over a Domino's. Hasn't this storefront and others nearby been vacant for more than 18 months? I can understand the fear of competition for the other two pizzerias, but is a vacant storefront that desirable?

30 people signed up to help

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30 people signed up to help find businesses but are still waiting for owner to call them with ways to collaborate???

What further info would these 30 people need? Go out and find a business. Either that or pay what he'd get in rent. Chris hasn't called these 30 blowhards because if he has half a brain he knows that they don't give a damn about finding a business for him.

Most of them were prob Menino ppl there because the Mayor and the owner of Sal's Pizza are close.

It's a new building

I don't think it's been open as long as 18 months. But in the abstract, yes, a vacant store front can be preferable to some businesses. You may disagree on Domino's, but imagine instead if it were a liquor store, or a head shop, or a mob front. Would any of those be better?

Congratulations, comrades!

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We are victorious in the war against free markets and capitalism! Instead of simply not patronizing a business we don't want in our neighborhood, we successfully blocked an entrepreneur and cost them tens of thousands of dollars!

Remember comrades, gentrification is evil, but we're screening who sets up shop in our neighborhood and if they don't meet our overeducated white busybody standards, we'll show up in droves to a community meeting!

sarcasm noted, but...

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I don't live down there, and your sarcasm is noted. It occurred to me though that that we're probably not too far removed from a time when people were not opposed to Roslindale being populated by overeducated anyone, particularly since those people are often the "middle class" that so many claim to want in the City.

Thank God! You can get shot

Thank God! You can get shot in the streets, but your view won't be poisoned by a Domino's franchise. Maybe a cupcake shop will open in that space!

Yes truly a tragic day for

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Yes truly a tragic day for Rozzie, this is nearly as bad as when that T-Mobile store up and left!

I guess we're basically Cambridge now because some vocal residents thought it might not be such a hot idea to locate a delivery based business in the most congested part of the neighborhood. And no one can dispute the inviting atmosphere that Dominos creates in its "pizzerias". That sort of family friendly dining would have been a big draw for the square.


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If all that energy of city residents (parents and non-parents alike) could be harnessed and directed towards improving the school rezoning proposals, that would be a win. The education of our kids has a much greater effect on quality of life in Boston than one pizza parlor.

School focused energy

Quite a few parents volunteer significant amounts of time spent working to improve our schools. If you're interested, look up the meeting times for a local School Parent Council and join in.