Dorchester murder victim identified

Steven FuentesRIP Steven Fuentes.

Boston Police today identified the man shot on Leyland Street on May 24 as Steven Fuentes, 33. His funeral service and burial will be on Saturday.

UPDATE: Arrest made.



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Isn't a better photo of this

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Isn't a better photo of this guy which makes him look like an upstanding citizen and not a caricature?


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What is it about him that makes him not look like an upstanding citizen to you?


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the picture looks like a mugshot?

That's not it

You have to take off your hat in a mugshot.

It looks like a still from security camera footage.

The terrible window-dressing

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The terrible window-dressing on the photo?

I mean, the guy's dead. Maybe today, for just this once, you don't visit blingee.


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....a lot of nicknames.


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Actually smart ass he did graduate high school

Please, my friends

If I die before you, use correct grammar to memorialize me. Should you post something as lame as We Will Miss U on the internet, I will haunt you. Sorry, I mean I Will Haunt U.


I suppose you also don't think 73v9er7n is a proper name?


I am guessing that this is supposed to represent "Steven" -- the name of the murder victim -- but not sure why "7" would stand for "st" (I would think it stood for just "t").


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It could just be "Seven", another nickname.


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they cant use that name! its georges. try soda.

What A Shame

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Its disgusting to see these how little respect people have for those who have passed and the families they have left behind. This man was murdered and all u can say is how the picture looks or talk about his name. What about his parent who raised him off of hard work and the brothers who have lost someone they grew up with shared life with or his girlfriend who has to tell his son why daddy isn't home anymore or his grandmother who he was visiting b4 he was taken his uncles his aunts his cousins his friends. Did u ever stop to think of that before you lames make your comments. I hope someone in your family isn't taken from you just because and then some ingorant no life having loser gets on a computer and makes such dumb ass comments that have nothing to do with nothing. Bottom line a man's life was taken and a family is grieving and they just buried him 4 days ago and this is what they have to read on the internet are u kidding me you people should ashamed of yourselves. RIP SEVEN LOVE AND MISS U ALWAYS UR SIS

One of my students wore a pin

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One of my students wore a pin with this man's name on it today. He told me it was one of his cousins... I googled him to see what happened. I'm sorry for your loss.

I totally agree with you

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I totally agree with you Sis,if it happened to their family it wouldn't be funny.

I agree with what the "sis"

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I agree with what the "sis" says..however I also know he did not have a was all boys. he shall rest in peace. But also dont forget that he has a daughter who looks identical to him. I know it will be hard for his daughters mother to ecplain what happened to him. He left 2 kids behind not just 1.. Someone needs to stand up for his first born!!