Dot dog disappears

UPDATE: Logan the labradoodle back with owners, safe and sound.

Missing dogLogan, a year-old mini labradoodle, was last seen around 3:45 p.m. yesterday at Tenean Beach.

He has an olive drab collar with a neon orange stripe. He's small, maybe 20 lbs., and dark brown.

Also: " He spent the night outdoors in the rain, and we're not sure how he's doing. He's pretty skittish, and at this point, is most likely terrified."



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    Do you swim with your dog?

    On a leash?
    1.Dog shouldn't be swimming because it should be on a leash.
    2. Dogs should be trained not to run off even if they "slip" their leash.
    3. Accidents happen. In future get harness and retractable leash for swimming.
    4. Don't make excuses for your dog running off.

    labradoodles are easily some

    labradoodles are easily some of the worst dogs. i've never encountered one that wasn't some form of skittish, neurotic, or unfriendly.

    a buddy of mine has one, and he can't even bring it to a dog park