Down Goes Frazier: Micky Ward Outflanks Scott Brown's Buff Bona Fides



Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) has lost the endorsement of Boston Boxing legend Micky Ward, the subject of the 2010 biopic The Fighter after Ward learned that Brown opposes LGBT rights and labor unions.

The Lowell Sun reported Friday that Ward initially told the paper day that he was set to endorse Scott Brown’s re-election, but changed his mind shortly after.



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This story is 2 months old and irrelevant now

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Adam? Why is this story on your website's front page?

This story is 2 months old. It's clear that your website wants to trash Brown b/c he is a Republican, but atleast He doesn't lie about being a Cherokee Indian.

Adam, if you want your website to be relevant than provided balanced news coverage not news that is 2 months old.

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Have you actually looked at the front page?

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Signing up for a UHub account lets you post stuff, but I'm still the final arbiter of what goes on the home page (he says, rubbing his hands together evilly and laughing maniacally). I didn't put this on the home page.

Smooth how you got the Indian stuff in your faux complaint. You Republicans are good at that.

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definitely front page

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"This story is 2 months old and irrelevant now"

Unless this story was covered on Universal Hub already or unless the election is over, I don't know how anyone can successfully argue it's irrelevant. Why isn't this on the front page?

It's an interesting story, it's local -- from Lowell but it's really as big as Mass. -- , it's about a working class guy who is famous and who as a matter of conscience can't endorse and vote for Scott Brown. Clearly he had been asked by Scott Brown or surrogates to endorse Scott.

It's a big story: A supporter learns more about who Scott is, and can't support him anymore ... seems like a big story to me. Will you be convinced by the Republican partisan's arguments or mine or other factors?

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On the other hand

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Thanks for drawing attention to an article I wouldn't have otherwise noticed, champ.

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