East Boston building being demolished catches fire

Boston firefighters are at 36 New St., dealing with a fire that apparently started in the third floor of a building being torn down.



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    Boston Fuel Trans Bldg

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    Ahh shit. Hoping that it's not the old Boston Fuel Trans bldg on New Street. I know they want to trash it, but it's actually a nice example of old industrial architecture that they just don't do anymore. Look at the new industrial bdlgs along the McClellan highway and you can see the big corrugated expanses of blah that is modern cheapo architecture. You look at that old New Street bldg and it was clear that someone actually put care in the details of the thing.

    There was a movement of some local folks trying to save the bldg within the new development planned for there....might have been a "fire of good fortune" for the owners if it is that bldg. shit.

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    Boston Fuel Trans Bldg

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    I just walked over and had a look. It didn't look like the fire was there, but that building is in the process of being demolished. They're working from the back towards the front. I don't know if some attempt is being made to save the facade or not.

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    it's gone

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    They finished demolishing the facade today. I drove by his morning. It is pretty sad...

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