Either they did some amazing spring cleaning or they're bracing for flooding

That's a lot of bags.That's a lot of bags.

Dan Ryan stumbled on this amazing scene on Neponset Avenue in Dorchester today.




that's a lot of health code violation

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Trash isn't supposed to be put out except morning-of collection, and it has to be in a container.

Rodents etc...

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One of the joys of getting older involves a knee which prognosticates the weather, and apparently we're due for a hurricane. I was thinking today that I'm glad that the water department had been cleaning out the catch basins in my neighborhood...Glad I'm not as concerned as these folks are! I hope my knee is wrong for their sake!

Hoarder clean out?

If you have ever had to be involved with a total cleanout after a hoarder has relocated or passed on, this looks about right.


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I have neighbors that SOMEHOW generate almost that much trash *every* *week*.

Bi-Weekly Occurrence

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A truck from a redemption center will show up and pick these up. Inspectional Services said that this doesn't constitute a business. How can that be? They are obviously some sort of a clearing house and the property is zoned residential.

Bags of cans

I thought it looked like those clear bags were full of cans. Makes sense that they're being collected by a redemption center.

that makes me wonder

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Is it allowed to put so much trash in front of your neighbor's house? A trash bag or two is neither here not there but waking up to a wall of someone else's trash bags can't be pleasant.

There is a pattern

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Judging by the uniformity of the colors, the clear bags look like they are full specific items, rather than random trash. The green and pinkish ones on the right may or may not be cans, I'm not sure about the bluish/purplish/grayish ones on the left. There is definitely a pattern or method to this.


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Its the house with all the bags, u can't miss it!

This can't be legal. a. it's

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This can't be legal.
a. it's blocking access to sidewalk/driveway
b. a public space is being used for personal storage
c. it's clearly not residential trash, anything that big would require a dumpster (which requires a permit)
d. a permit is required for using public space for private business even if on a temporary basis (think using a moving truck, you need a permit to use the parking space for the truck)

what does the city say?

I suspect it depends on how

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I suspect it depends on how long the bags sit out there. If it's only for a hour or so... the city may not care to respond in time.

Neponset and Boutwell.

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Neponset and Boutwell. Approx. 215 Neponset.

I've dealt with hoarders. This is nothing of the kind.


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Right near my office.

Cans on the right, plastic

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Cans on the right, plastic bottles on the left. I'm guessing this family goes trash picking for redemption bottles.