Emergency, emergency, everybody to get from street!

Gov. Patrick declared a state of emergency in advance of Sandy's arrival sometime tomorrow. If something can be tied down, tie it down or bring it inside - including Halloween decorations. Stock up on emergency supplies and first-aid stuff, get cash (in case ATMs go down) and brace and hunker down like nobody's business.

In Boston, police Supt. William Evans urged everybody to stay home and stay off the roads once the storm hits, both so drivers stay safe and so they keep from blocking police, fire and EMT crews racing to emergencies through roads that could already be blocked by downed wires and trees.



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Never been a french toast fan

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But in honor of UHub I've purchased the requisite ingredients. And I didn't have to trample anyone to get them.


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I love the random shout-out to "The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!".