Ever get the feeling the T is just messing with you?

Yes, we have no CharlieCards.

Boston to a T snapped this fare machine at Park Street today. In a word: Wha?



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Some more quality signage

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Some more quality signage from the MBTA. I remember that for several years at the Science Park stop there was a hand drawn sign directing people to the MoS.

The fare gates are much betrer

They have built in notifications that they are broken -- most at Forest Hills, for example, helpfully provide the "smart cards" only sign, so that anybody with tickets knows that s/he can't enter. These helpful signs have been there for months, and look very professional, very high tech.


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All the time.

You sure it was an employee?

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That could've easily been anyone. Most likely it was already on a multi-mode machine and someone peeled it off and stuck it on this one as a joke. Sheesh.