Fake Massachusetts town names

McSweeney's compiles a list; the last one is just a bit too ridiculous, though.



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      All real except for last one

      Very little creativity here. He picked some obscure but very real locations, then tacked on what ridiculously crafted make believe town at the end to provide the veneer of reliability.

      Stick to chowhound, Slim.

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      Oh MC Slim, if you would take a moment to remove yourself from Brodeur's derriere and actually read HenryAlan's comment you could see it's not actually a critique.

      Funny! :-)

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      Makes me think of the apocryphal "Latham, MA" which featured in the final episode of "Seinfeld".


      That's not in Massachusetts. Try Rhode Island.

      They forgot Loocester (under Athol), Waddleborough, and Skidmark.

      Gay Head is now officially fictional ... with marriage and kids and all.

      I'm sure UHub wags can add some here ...

      Edit: Moleicester. LOL! That took me a second ...

      Innsmouth is full of yuppies now

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      and the Esoteric Order of Dagon hall is a Starbucks.

      Better than Dunwich, though, whose local distinctive landmark is the Wal-Mart.


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      Are the shelves teeming with Bret Easton Ellis books? Have the streets turned into a townwide BMW dealership? Are restaurants serving Perrier? Do Men Without Hats and Genesis blare from every window?

      I think Massachusetts is the last place in America using "Yuppie" as a cultural identifier.

      Been there

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      It's really Athol. Man, is that place depressing.


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      A few more

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      Quillston (Town settled by porcupine pelt traders)
      Weringham (Hamlet settled by the Werings, friends of the Framings)
      Wickimunk (misheard Indian word by settlers)
      Keel (near Hull)
      South Cotswody (no North Cotswody ever existed, said like Peabody...no, the other way)
      Cleary's Bluff (Western MA...competing legends about Cleary say he was good at gambling and also thrown off a cliff...may both be true)


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      we have a winna

      Well, the last one is true,

      Well, the last one is true, it is a fake MA town. The official name of Braintree is "The Town of Braintree" and Braintree is a city now.