Family of teen whose body fell out of airplane over Milton sues airport, airline

The Charlotte Observer reports the family of Delvonte Tisdale, whose badly mangled body turned up in the middle of a quiet side street near the Blue Hills Reservation in November, 2010, is suing both US Airways and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport for not doing enough to keep him from sneaking into the wheel well of a Boston-bound airplane.

Tisdale's body - which at first sparked a murder investigation - was in such bad shape authorities were never able to determine whether he died in the wheel well or from the fall.



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      My surprise

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      Is that they didn't sue the Town of Milton for providing an unsafe landing zone.

      Devil's advocate

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      Obviously this was a tragic incident for the family -- the kid apparently had severe emotional problems (was he in the military or something like that?), but a lawsuit is kind of ridiculous. BUT, had the same thing happened and his presence in the wheel housing resulted in a plane accident, you can bet anyone injured/killed in the resulting accident would be suing the airport and airline for lacking the necessary safeguards to prevent people (either disturbed or malicious) from getting onto an airstrip and accessing a plane about to take off. And that is what the family is suing about -- lack of safeguards/security. The result of this security lapse only resulted in the death of this one unfortunate kid, but a lapse is a lapse. I imagine that would be the argument.

      I think he was in his high

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      I think he was in his high school's Air Force JROTC program. He obviously wanted to be a flier...

      They should get sued

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      What if this was a terrorist and blew up the plane? They need to be taught a lesson for lack security.


      I get rapescanned every time I legally attempt to board an airplane. This kid walked into an airfield and gained access to the wheel well.

      Moreover, if you read the account, they did this big to-do security audit and have completely stonewalled the family on the details of what happened.

      The family is mostly suing for answers, as they are getting none as it is.