Faneuil Hall bucket drummer charged with sucker punching man into unconsciousness at Forest Hills

Joshua Rodriguez, familiar to visitors at Faneuil Hall for playing what he calls "junkyard jazz" on old buckets, will face charges for allegedly punching a man out at the Orange Line station on June 16.

Rodriguez, 21, was arrested by State Police on an unrelated charge elsewhere. If there is time left after he is arraigned for that, he will be transported to West Roxbury District Court for arraignment on the Forest Hills charge, an MBTA spokesman said today.

In the video, posted earlier this year, Rodriguez said he only works Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at the tourist destination. The rest of the week, he said, "I just sit at home, I play video games and I smoke a lot of weed." Rodriguez, who said he's been drumming outside since sixth grade, said he makes enough he could buy a BMW his freshman year in high school.

Innocent, etc.



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probably because of his last

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probably because of his last name-- when do all the illegal immigrant comments turn this into a Herald forum?

Actually, I'm not surpriused either

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and it has NOTHING to do with his last name or 'ethnicity'. You have what's called a chip on your shoulder and/or are what's called 'projecting'.


Seems like a a very nice young guy, clean cut, so-called 'well-spoken', preppy-like accent, I can see why the tourist would love him. He certainly doesn't come across as a 'scary' urban youth [of ANY race, ethnicity; that's not a shot at people with 'Hispanic' names]. Why would he be getting into physical altercations at Forest Hills? Hmmmm.

So this dbag claims to make

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So this dbag claims to make $1800/week for playing drums (more like noise pollution) on Fri, Sat, and Sundays. I'd be very interested to know how much he claims to have earned on his tax forms. Probably nothing. I demand an IRS investigation! And search that BMW for weed! What a waste of a human

Skip the weed search...

...what's that going to fetch, a $100 fine? No, his declaration of personal wealth means he'll be able to put that Beamer money towards a civil settlement for the victim he attacked.

Then he can see how much he makes drumming on the bars of his jail cell.

What a freakin' asshole.


Not a musician

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Loudly banging on plastic buckets by oneself is not what being a musician is. This behavior is strictly noise pollution. But tourists persist in giving these pests money. We need to get rid of the bucket bangers. And while we're at it, lets get rid of the karaoke subway "musicians" who sing along (badly) to pre-recorded tapes.

I 2nd this

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I 2nd this. The subway musicians are the worst and there's nowhere to run to. I think the city should ban "musicians" from playing in confined spaces.

And what do you call a musician

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Any one who can express threw a form of beats i think is classified a musician. The fact that a crowd watches and is entertained, shows that those beats actually caught them just like any good music theory. These pests? I went to Berklee School of Music and I play at the marina side as well bucket drumming. I grew up in a very nice Home with my college paid for and not a debt to my name, just because someone's good at what they do and knows how to use it to make money doesn't give you the right to justify it as immoral or wrong.

As if

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That godawful racket isn't an assault in itself.

He seems like a good kid,

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He seems like a good kid, actually. I'm surprised he behaved so badly. I hope this will teach him a lesson and he will straighten out.

lol !

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He seems exactly like the type of 'good kid' who would do something like that. Good kid? Smart a** more like it, IMHO. The 'kid' reeks of insincerity and attitude, IMHO. But he's 'clean-cut' and speaks 'nice', so some fools give him a pass.

Bail set at $2,500

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At Rodriguez's arraignment today in West Roxbury District Court, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. He was also ordered to stay away from the the victim and any witnesses until at least the conclusion of his case. His next court appearance was scheduled for Sept. 14.

hes a good kid.

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hes a good kid.