Feds sue small Allston bakery over sale of uninspected meat

The federal government yesterday sued Yi Soon Bakery, 112 Brighton Ave., on charges it sold 30 pounds of uninspected meat to a Thai market in Lowell after being told repeatedly to knock it off.

The suit, which also names bakery owner Kung Sung, says the Jan. 16 sale violated the Federal Meat Inspection Act, which requires government inspection of any business that is "processing meat or meat products for commerce," and that federal inspectors warned the bakery in January, 2010 and March and October, 2011 to stop selling meat at wholesale.

The suit seeks a permanent injunction to force the bakery to comply with the Federal Meat Inspection Act and to reimburse the government for the costs of the legal action.



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What kind of meat ?

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The complaint doesn't specify what kind of meat it was. I can't see how they could be raising poultry,pigs, or other livestock in that area and running a slaughterhouse.

I'd bet pork

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Because the retail store sells pork buns (which I know because every time we're near there, we stop in for some cookies). And my hunch would be they're not running a slaughterhouse, but simply getting in large pieces of meat, which they then carve up and offer parts of to other stores.

But yeah, US Attorney's Office in Boston, we need more details!

So they've been told three

So they've been told three times in the past to knock it off, they were caught again, and the punishment is to be told not to do it again?

Kinda makes sense

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The Feds are asking for a civil injunction, which is easier to prove than a criminal case. Plus a fine against a small business like this seems heavy-handed.

Most likely end to this is the bakery enters into a consent decree not to do it again. If bakery fights and loses, injunction enters; then if bakery gets caught again, then they're in contempt of court, and then the Judge can impose all kinds of penalties.

Bars get fined for violations

Bars get fined for violations all the time. If they had warned them once and caught them a second time, what you're saying makes sense. They were warned three times. This was a willful violation, not a mistake.

I wonder if they know...

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Defendants operates a bakery and retail in the State of Massachusetts
and within the jurisdiction of this Court.

I just had a bad experience there

I bought a cake and a few pastries there, both of which had some kind of cream filling. The cakes wasn't very good, and the pastries had a nasty blue-cheese kind of taste to them. Two days the cake sat in the fridge and it already has mold in the cream. I think they were serving old filling they had or something. I hope they were just having a bad day.