Fines for T seat hogs?

What a racket: Andrea Garvey snapped this seat hog this morning.

The Herald tries to whip us into a frenzy over people who take up more than one seat on the T, notes New York fines the pigs, obtains obligatory quote from T spokesman about how the authority has more pressing issues, such as trying to figure out how to keep trains and buses running in the first place.



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what about music..

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I think this is a great idea!

While we are at it, lets fine people that for some reason think everyone else wants to hear their just awful rap music blaring out of a crappy phone. I'm not even referencing the people with the cheap headphones that pretty much play the music at speaker volume, I'm talking about the people that just play their music through the phone speaker and look at you like "isn't this tinny music the best thing you've ever heard?"

I'm tempted to start blasting Lady Gaga the next time this happens.

This would be great! There

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This would be great! There are plenty of seat hogs out there. I don't hesitate to ask people to move their things and each time they do. Although, when other seats are available, I don't mind that they have things on the seats because I can snag another one else where. -Mea

Worst seat hogging

When my wife was (visibily) pregnant, there was a college-aged woman sitting with her bag next to her. I asked her nicely to let my wife sit. She gave me a nasty look, and pointed to the other end of the train and said "There's a seat over there". I replied something to the effect of "Seriously? My wife is pregnant?". She took a second, gave us one last nasty look, and moved her crap. I couldn't believe this happened.

We ended up taking the other seat since I didn't want my wife to spend the whole trip sitting next to this misanthrope. Amusingly enough the next stop her precious seat was taken by a rather large person so the joke was on her.

I notice that many people

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I notice that many people remain standing, at least in the orange line, even when seats are or become available. i like to sit, but often its hard to wiggle myself through the masses and make those people standing right in front of empty seats aware of my desire to sit.

I like to stand too

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Unless I'm tired or there are a lot of empty seats, I usually prefer standing rather than wedging myself between two people. But if I want a seat I am not dissuaded by someone's bag sitting there. A polite request (or just a look) is usually enough to get someone to consolidate their stuff and make room. No need for the police to get involved.