Fire officials: Careless smoker caused five-alarm Allston fire that made woman jump from third-floor window

The Boston Fire Department reports investigators have concluded the five-alarm fire that totaled 62-64 Quint Ave. and sent a woman to the hospital with critical injuries, was the rsult of "careless disposal of smoking material, specifically, a cigarette on a couch on the first floor front porch."




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Wrong. The 2 alarm fire in

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Wrong. The 2 alarm fire in Southie in June was also caused by a cigarette.

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Ah, I missed that one, thanks

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I guess I never followed up with the BFD on the actual cause (this was the rooftop fire, yes?).

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Yes, the roof fire on K

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Yes, the roof fire on K street. Improper disposal of smoking materials.

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Other than

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The fires, the cancer, the litter and the pollution, smoking is a fine, American tradition. Seriously, when the hell are people going to demand this stupid, useless product be relegated to history books, where future generations can laugh at how gullible
people were in the old days?

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