Firefighters fix aukward situation in Roxbury

A bird in the hand. Photo by Rescue 2.A bird in the hand. Photo by Rescue 2. More photos.

Boston Fire Rescue 2 on Columbus Avenue in Roxbury found itself involved in an unusual rescue yesterday when somebody dropped off an Arctic Little Auk that had apparently been blown into town by the storm the other day. The species, not normally seen in these parts, dines on seafood and cannot take off without an assist.

Firefighters named the exhaused bird Olive. After a Twitter effort to find someone to care for her, Boston animal control showed up at the station and took the bird before an anticipated hand off to the New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth today for a little R&R.



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    "Little Auk" is what the English call them. They're Dovekies here in the US. They are normally seen in these parts, i.e. coastal New England, in winter but are usually well offshore. Sometimes they'll get caught in a storm and blown inland though, like this poor little one.

    Not an Auk? A Common

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    Not an Auk? A Common Murre-stake, really.

    Vi do you ask?

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    Come on, git a grep! The ls said, the better, I guess.

    Ron's here.

    This thread is deceased. It is an X thread.

    (you knew we'd work python in here somehow)


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    Oh, I'm forever indented to you for that.

    Python on the loose

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    If you turn python loose in a thread, it'll take a week to find it, and then Adam will threaten to charge you the cost of disinfecting the thread afterwards.

    Yes, it is a Little Auk, the

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    Yes, it is a Little Auk, the CM has a gull like beak and is larger, plus the Audubon confirmed it. They are similar looking tho.

    Oh, I'm not convinced

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    that this is a strange bird from a faraway land. There's all KINDS of birds yelling "auk auk auk" outside my window all the time when I'm trying to sleep.

    Little Auk

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    This little bird is a Little Auk or Dovekey. The Common Murre is larger and has a longer gull like Beak. WBZ edited their post acknowledging this. The Audubon Society also confirmed this as being a Little Auk...

    Rescue 2