First brush fire of the season

Neponset brush fire

Neponset brush fire. Photo by BFD.

Boston firefighters are in the brush along the Neponset behind Ventura Street in Dorchester Lower Mills, battling a large brush fire.

UPDATE: The Boston Fire Department reports the blaze took six engine companies, two ladder companies and two specialized brush-fire units, along with several hundred feet of hose laid into the marshes, to put out.



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Mulch: The danger beneath

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That was the kidlet's first question to me as well - She knows my fixation with the stuff. However, no mulch was harmed in the making of this fire - all marshy stuff (there was a largeish mulch fire out by Bradley Airport near Hartford a couple days ago, though - maybe I need a French Mulch Alert System).

Fascinating Little Neighborhood

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On the map, you'll notice the Mattapan-Ashmont trolley route and the Neponset River. The neighborhood in question is cut off from the rest of the world by the trolley on one side and the river on the other. Unless you have a specific reason to be in that neighborhood, there's no reason to be in that neighborhood.

That sounds like doubletalk, but what I mean is that there is no reason to pass through that neighborhood unless you took a wrong turn and got lost. It's probably the least known neighborhood in all of Dorchester, and possibly the most private. I always thought folks who lived there had a marvelous deal. They have public transportation basically at their doors and an almost private playground for their kids, not to mention streets wherein any strange person or car is automatically (and rightfully) seen as suspicious, so probably a spectacularly low crime rate.

All supposition on my part, of course, since I only know it from having lived a few blocks away and occasionally driven through there just because I did find it fascinating. Anyone here ever live there or know someone who did?


Tom Finneran

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Mistah Speakah lived (lives) right there facing the ballpark. A great little field that needs a sprinkler system.

Finneran? Interesting.

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When I lived in the area (and ran against him in 1992) his listed residence was more towards the top of the hill on Morton Street, a side street near the fire station on Gallivan.

If he moved, it was a good choice of spots to move to, IMHO.


I would expect a lot of brush fires

If things don't change soon, I would expect a number of brush fires coming up. There's no snow, and we've had very little rain. Because there is no snow on the ground, my wife and I have been going for a lot of long walks on trails during the weekends and have noticed that the ground is extremely dry, and the dirt is even powdery in a lot of places. Every day, the sun warms up the ground, a bit of moisture evaporates, and eventually the ground becomes very dry.
Be careful out there.