First Sandy-related power outage?

A power line came down on Powell Street in West Roxbury, off Spring, around 10 p.m., knocking out power in the area of Spring and Baker, as far south as the Deutsches Altenheim.

The NStar outage map is beginning to light up, although all of the outages so far are small (exactly one customer in Newton).




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    That's Powell.

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    If you drive out of the Shaw's Market and go across Spring, that's Powell.

    Thanks for the link to the cool NStar power outage map. That's cool.

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    Boats are being pummeled!

    Just saw incredible video on Channel 5, as Ed Harding narrated the view exclaiming that boats are being tossed around like toys -- um, by waves no more than 6 inches high(?)

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    Wind gauges!

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    Not only did their seaside reporters have wind gauges, they had wind gauges with Channel 5 logos on them.

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