Flo's boss backs medical-marijuana effort in Massachusetts

The Patriot Ledger reports the chairman of Progressive Insurance has contributed $525,000 to a group pushing a ballot question to legalize the medical use of marijuana here. The group has raised $1,167 from other sources.



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Not everyone gets the

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Not everyone gets the munchies and become sedated when they smoke pot ;)

I know a few people where it makes them hyper and ADD-ish.


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Hate the stuff, gives me anxiety and dials it to 11. My friend on the other hand becomes more socially outgoing and bubbly. She'll talk your ear off.

Great, so we can start

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Great, so we can start contributing our fair share of losers to appear on Judge Judy once this passes and not be loosing so much reality TV exposure to California. THC can be extracted for use as a painkiller without the 'recreational side effects'. People just want a loophole to use and produce drugs without the threat of prosecution.

Delivery method

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Sorry, but delivery method plays a huge role in how a drug is absorbed and processed by the body. If I recall correctly, oral delivery has two different shots at being stopped by the liver as well as just how limited the compound is at getting out of the stomach/intestines in the first place. The lungs have their own gatekeeper properties but allow you to get to the brain without first pass through the liver. You also get amazingly good passage to the brain via the sinus mucous membranes from inhalants.


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All the effectiveness of inhaling, without the problematic carcinogens created during burning.

In effect, marijuana becomes 100% safe to inhale, and quickly acting.

As said below, what does weed do that alcohol doesn't? In the real world alcohol is a much more dangerous drug due to how it changes behavior.

So you want to ban alcohol?

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Way more dangerous a drug than pot.

Pot should be legal - and controlled. Period.

Stop the stupidity, the ignorance, and the moralistic nonsense already!

Boston parks

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No need to get your knickers in a twist. I can't recall the last time I went for a walk in the early evening when someone wasn't smoking weed in the nearby park. No one ever bothers them. There's no problem. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy another sip of my cabernet. Does that bother you? OMG, it's alcohol...! Everyone run for the hills! The horrors!!!

The proposed medical

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The proposed medical marijuana facility in Portland Maine will have a nice cafe with free wi-fi and a fireplace to provide a more relaxing environment for its patients. Additionally, patients can take their medicine in brownies and cookies or smoothies. Because the law allows patient instruction in the best way to take their medicine, patients can smoke or eat their medicine (under supervision) at the facility with their latte or whatever.

Whereas the NIH hasn't found any medical benefit from pot, passage of this law is a big step. Maybe, here in Mass. we could plebiscite whether gingko is a cancer cure. If the gingko law passed, billions of dollars could be saved in cancer research.


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You can't referendum scientific reality. Either gingko is a cure for cancer or it isn't (and all prevailing evidence says it isn't). An analysis on cancer prevention that came out in 2010, from a previous 6-year study with over 3,000 participants on using gingko to improve brain/memory function, found zero correlation between those that took gingko versus placebo and cancer rates among the groups.

I'm not even sure what kind of law you want about gingko. It's not like it's illegal in the state or anything. Finally, even if we were to imagine that gingko cured cancer...it's only going to cure *some* cancers and not *all* cancers because of the multiple causes behind different cancers. Billions will still be spent on cancer research for years to come.

Either marijuana has

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Either marijuana has medicinal value or it doesn't; calling it "medical" marijuana doesn't overrule the science (NIH) that marijuana lacks medical benefits... even when served in a chocolate chip cookie with a tall latte.

It does

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The NIH does not state that cannabis has no medical benefits. You can read what they have to say on cannabis here at the NCI which is a division of the NIH responsible for cancer. In fact two of the chemicals found in marijuana are approved FDA drugs for treatment of nausea associated with chemotherapy. There's a third drug, based directly on THC, for neuropathic pain used in Canada and Europe that may likely be approved here soon enough too.

It isn't science, that has maintained that marijuana has no medical benefits, but politics.

Medical benefits aside

Marijuana is a far safer drug than alcohol - safer for society, safer for the user.

HOWEVER it is effectively UNregulated by its very illegality. Furthermore, our government SPENDS millions of dollars playing whack-a-mole with enforcement measures, most unsuccessfully, for a drug that isn't even dangerous or addictive!

This means that my teen can get weed anytime he wanted if he wanted it - he doesn't, but he knows he can get it cheap. Alcohol would be a trickier buy for him.

I don't like that.

We need to face up to the reality as a society that we are wasting immense amounts of money to stop something that doesn't need to be stopped, when we could be collecting substantial amounts of money AND far better control access.

Last April 1, our local liquor store had a sign saying "Coming Soon: We Sell Marijuana". If only. If only.

Also, there are the tax benefits..

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that would come from legalization and regulation. California still wallows in a financial crisis, yet they still refuse to admit that weed is their number one cash crop.

Also, a cursory glance at eBay and Amazon and you will be amazed at the proliferation of grow your own accessories. Add to that the fact that the USPS admits it's the most mailed drug in the country and you'd think our country would wise the fuck up.

If you legalized it....

Companies like Monsanto would put all the small time potheads out of business.

You would probably see an increase in crime, since gangs would need to find other sources of revenue (robberies, burglaries, fencing, shoplifting, etc), but the money saved on high end law enforcement could go to social programs for the poor.

I can't say I use it or don't use it, but I know a lot of smart people who smoke all the time. I also know a lot of people who lose motiviation to do anything because they like to smoke weed all time time. Alchohol is going to be worse in terms of driving, property crimes, and violence, (drunk people do more criminal things) but weed seems to make the unmotivated even more unmotivated, especially at a young age.

That being said, I'm for legalizing it.


I was talking to an old friend the other day who said his girlfriend has a type of MS (I didn't know there were "types", but w/e) and that smoking essentially combats the flare-ups she experiences from the disease.

He also mentioned something about NJ legalizing marijuana for MS treatment?


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Sativex has been approved in other countries for pain associated with MS and some chemotherapies.

I don't know anything about NJ's marijuana policies.