Food co-op hopes to harvest beer and wine license for new Forest Hills location

The Harvest Co-Op, whose sign recently went up on the new Washington Street building where it's planning a new outlet, goes before the Boston Licensing Board next week to seek a license to sell beer and wine along with its groceries.

Hearings start at 10 a.m. in the board's eighth-flooring hearing room at City Hall.



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They sell beer & wine on

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They sell beer & wine on South Street, any idea as to why they can't just take their license with them?

Because they want sufficient

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Because they want sufficient space for a real grocery store, comparable to what they have in Cambridge. The South Street space is tiny. Word is that they want to try to keep the South Street space open too. Not sure how well that will work.

Those of us who live in Forest Hills look forward to having Harvest in the 'hood!


It's because walking under the Casey Overpass is a nerve-wracking odyssey through a terrifying netherworld of vice.

Does anyone know what

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Does anyone know what happened with this?