Forget MacArthur Park: According to Apple, the Deck melted in the dark

I-93 north of the Zakim, at least, according to the new iPhone Maps app.



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The map JUST came out

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The map JUST came out Yesterday. Do you have any idea what it takes to map the entire PLANET? It's not like they could just copy all the google maps. Although I suspect NASA or some such place helped.

Look at the maps in 6 months. Also I have found many long private driveways treated as roads on google maps. Sometimes they even connected to actual roads on the app, but not in real life. That's much worse (especially at 11 pm on a rainy night and you are lost in a remote town in Vermont).

They can convince themselves

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They can convince themselves of anything to justify buying an over priced smart (not so much in this case) phone.

Wasn't that supposed to be

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Wasn't that supposed to be one of the many alleged advantages of Apple products, that they didn't release products until they were finished? Seems like in their rush to copy everyone else, Apple has been releasing not-ready-for-primtime products now, e.g., Siri and Maps.

*bzzt* Wrong

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Images are NOT owned by the companies that do these maps (i.e. Mapquest, Bing, Apple, Google, etc). (I do think Google has or is planning to launch its own satellite for this purpose)

These maps are gathered from gov't agencies, for example many images come from USGS. Its up to the end user applications (i.e. Google, Apple, etc) to stitch these images together using the best images.

With that said sometimes you'll have two images side by side that are not from the same year (which, if you look at Google Earth and select images from 2008 for the Zakim, its half built in one photo, and complete with traffic in another.

(another good example is look at images of the border between NH and Mass. The images clearly change when you're exactly on the border. Meaning Mass Images are always better and higher resolution than New Hampshire's (because MassDEP does its own images vs NH relies on UNH or USGS for images)

This won't change in six month.. new images need to be taken, stitched, and applied.

You are half correct, half

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You are half correct, half incorrect. The artifacts are from stitching images together, but only one side is from the government. The 3D images come from Apple flying planes over Boston. The smooth Zakim is from Apple's plane, then it drops off a cliff to the government tiles, which the algorithm gets wavy as it is still trying to pattern match to the bridge. Roads not intersecting with Apple's flyover, such as that at the bottom of the screenshot, do not show this artifact, suggesting that this is the result of problems stitching Apple's 3D images to the government's images, which could likely be fixed.

fanboy is right

You mean the maps appthey have been working on for YEARS that just came out yesterday? The maps app that has been out in beta for months, receiving harsh criticism from all their beta testers? The app that they didn't HAVE to release until they got it at least as good as what it was replacing? That map app?

How many "errors" are there?

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How many "errors" are there? 100? 1000? 10,000?
I've been trying the turn by turn directions to many places I frequent and each one was fine.

The product is still superior to Google maps in my opinion. I tried a top of the line Android phone for 10 days and over 60% of it's apps crashed after the second launch. The mail sucked. The thing was all plastic and didn't even work 1/2 the time. I went back to Apple.

So I did try Android. I found it inferior.

As to when a production is "ready for release." That's up to the company. Windows XP is still not ready for release if you ask me.

The thing with Google and

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The thing with Google and Open Streets Map even is there are dedicated people like me who work to keep the base map updated and relevant for no pay at all. I and a number of others across MA this country and the world really are out every day updating roads, adding paths, editing and correcting business information. You as a user have the ability to suggest problems, that comes to me and others and we work to make things right. If there are roads causing issues in Vermont, submit a problem it will get corrected. I had a friend let me know about a routing error in NH where Google was sending them down a washed out dirt road, I made the edits and Google now routes people properly instead of down that road. Apple does not have that and I doubt they will because it goes against their brand. If Apple thinks they can create a better product more power too them, but bing maps has been out for quite awhile now and have you been over there lately? not much has changed in the years it has been out.

So I'm sitting across from the Apple Store tonight

and I think of the fact that my brother (a big deal at Apple) just bought the house next to his in Marblehead. He plans on tearing down the 1.2 million dollar home and putting up a small cabana and an infinity pool.

So when I look at those poor saps sitting in front of the Radio Shack for hipsters, all I can think of is the contempt that my brother and his fellow Apple executives have for them. Then I think of my brother sitting by that pool next year thanks to people's insatiable need to obsess over every piece of overpriced crap that the marketing geniuses at Apple convince them their lives would be empty without.

The legacy of

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Galloping Gertie lives on.

Glad to see that somebody else noted the irony of that particular Apple map error.