Former Patriot Junior Seau apparent suicide victim

The North County Times in California reports.



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I appreciate Junior's contribution to the NFL and am saddened by the fact that he took his life..


I disagree with the notion that he is a victim in this crime. His family, friends, we who cheered him on, are the victims. He is the perpetrator, sadly. As a person who has been touched by suicide, I have strong feelings on the matter, and seeing him called a victim incites a rage inside me. Couldn't let it lie. Sorry.

Mental illness Matty.

Seau probably was a victim of a serious mental illness from concussion/head injuries during his playing career. He was a victim.

No argument from me

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I don't doubt that he was a victim of something. I just hate the accepted and standard notion that the person who dies after suicide is a victim of that particular act.

Suicide is technically

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Suicide is technically against the law so he would be the victim of the crime and the attacker.

You are disgusting. Honestly,

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You are disgusting. Honestly, I don't know what else to call you. I've been impacted by suicide as well. His loved ones are certainly victims here as well, but for you to place his "fans" above the physical and mental suffering he endured to entertain them is disgusting. How are they the "victims"? Because the were denied the peace of of Seau suffering in forgotten silence? Because for just a moment they might reflect on their complicity with the NFL's disturbing record with concussion related mental illness? Seau quite directly lost his life entertaining them, but still you feel justified in shaming him for not putting his "fans" first? Disgusting.

You Don't Know For A Fact

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... that Seau "directly lost his life" entertaining the fans. There could be any number of other reasons for suicide that did not involve his professional life.

Matty made a list of people who might be impacted. That he didn't order those impacted in the way you prefer doesn't really make him "disgusting", does it? Come on.


Wonder if you'd have the same

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Wonder if you'd have the same comment if it was a soldier... trauma is trauma, period. Saying you're more of a victim because you watched some Pats games is plain stupid. Your rage is better directed at the NFL and the players union.


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he is a perpetrator? sounds to me like a guy that was haunted by demons that may or may not have been connected to numerous concussions and an untold number of blows to his head (over 30 years worth counting pros, college, highschool and pop warner). he was arrested on a domestic violence charge a couple of years ago, which he followed by driving off a cliff. did his family and friends (nfl players association? bob kraft?) try to get him the help he obviously needed or were they just content to sweep things under the rug and and live comfortable lives because of his wealth? i agree that suicide is a horrible thing for the survivors but maybe junior felt like he was on the road to doing something more terrible and he just felt like it was time to go. maybe you should reserve your judgement until all the facts are known.

r.i.p. mr seau


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And with suicide the facts are never really known -- even if a note is left behind there are always lingering questions. When a famous person does it there's the complications of people who felt like they knew the person or who cared about the person because of their work, who feel the pain, but in the end if you didn't have a personal relationship with the victim, then it's really just about you.

Many people have been "touched" by suicide and it's a difficult thing to process, especially if it was someone close to you. If referring to someone who has taken their own life as a victim incites a rage inside you, you may want to work on the issue a bit more. It can be considered a very selfish act (the ultimately selfish act really) but wanting someone to live through continued pain because the alternative would upset you isn't exactly selfless either. Complicated issue.


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RIP buddy.

Reports are he shot himself through the chest, which if true is telling. It's reminiscent of the death of former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson, who also shot himself in the chest and asked in his suicide note that his brain be turned over to the NFL study group examining the long-term effects of football-related brain injuries.

They found Duerson was suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the trauma-induced brain disease that cannot be diagnosed pre-mortem.

Lots of questions, no good answers

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I had also heard about Dave Duerson, and wondered whether Junior had shot himself in the chest for a similar reason. From the news reports a suicide note had not (as yet) been found, so we may not get a definitive answer on that, though more importantly for the family many answers may go missing.

I have a hard time passing any sort of judgement or even saying I feel neutral as to whether the person who commits this act is a victim or the perpetrator. A relative of mine committed suicide, and while I went through various stages while coping with that, I have not settled on a solid view of victim/perpetrator.

And while I love watching the NFL, I do think more needs to be done to make sure that players are treated as people who need to be well-adjusted adults after they leave the NFL. And I think it's an attitude adjustment that needs to happen on both sides - not just the owners.

Why frame it as such?

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As someone else whose Life has been touched by suicide, I'd like to know why, outside of law enforcement reporting, we would ever frame suicide in the context of victims-perpetrator. It seems to me that, like the moralistic they-were-weak-vs.-we-are-strong argument, this does not add very much to understanding the motives behind one taking one's life.