Fort Point resident hopes to open wine bar and coffeehouse

A Fort Point resident is seeking liquor and food-serving licenses to open a wine bar in the Channel Center Street building where he lives.

Brian Bresnahan's lawyer, Diane Modica, told the Boston Licensing Board today his proposed Internal Matter, 35 Channel Center Street, would give the area's burgeoning population of residents and workers a place to hang out after work and "have a glass of wine and eat something special." Bresnahan, a photographer, hopes to eventually add unspecified performances to the space, Modica said.

The board votes tomorrow on his requests, although board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer cautioned the board might not have any beer-and-wine licenses to hand out - which means Bresnahan would either have to reapply for an alcohol license and hope one became free or go out on the open market and buy one.

Bresnahan acknowledged that while he has worked in the food-service industry for several years, he has no experience running a restaurant. However, staked with a loan from his parents and a dream, he began talking to residents of his building several months ago about buying the space for Internal Matter. Modica said he's gotten overwhelming support for the proposal.

Bresnahan has lived in the building for five years.



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Not a bad idea but...

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that location has been vacant for many years and for good reason. There's absolutely no visibility and he'd most likely only get local residents because nobody else would know about it. Also, I don't think Barlow's is doing gangbusters.

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Awww ...

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That is so sweet. Opening a bar with nothing but Mom and Dad's money and a dream. Adorable!

I wish the kid luck but I work in that area and we just want to get the hell out of there at the end of the day and go home. If we go out, we go down to the Seaport area and hang out there. It's sunny and on the water. We're not into industrial or innovative.

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I would go check the place

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I would go check the place out. With the new buildings that are going up, like the tower behind 319 A street, maybe there will be a need for more businesses like this in the area.

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She's not my favorite, though

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My favorite is this former Brookline selectman who appears before the board from time to time.

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while he has worked in the

while he has worked in the food-service industry for several years, he has no experience running a restaurant.

Dear Mr and Mrs Bresnahan

If you need to get rid of cash, I recommend burning it. Although it is against the law, it will get the pain over with much quicker, and save a lot of tears.

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