Eight sent to the hospital after inhaling too much carbon monoxide at Exhale Salon

The Boston Fire Department reports carbon monoxide from a furnace underneath Exhale Salon, 28 Arlington St., sent four people to the hospital this afternoon.

Another ten people were checked by EMTs but found to be OK, the department says, adding emergency crews were summoned around 2:20 p.m. Firefighters shut the furnace and brought in fans to ventilate the building.

We were called here because staff and patrons were feeling lightheaded and had CO exposure symptoms. Commercial businesses are not required to have carbon monoxide detectors. Only places used for habitation is the term used.

The department says the final tally: 30 people were evaluated, with 8 going to Mass. General and Tufts Medical Center.



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    Carbon Monoxide Monitors

    They aren't terribly expensive anymore.

    If you have one, make sure it has batteries. If you don't, consider getting one or asking your landlord for one.

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    They are required by law for

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    They are required by law for rental housing units. If a landlord refuses to provide them it is a violation.

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    Thanks for this. I got a call

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    Thanks for this. I got a call from them around 11 that day, canceling my spa appointments for the afternoon for "maintenance issues," without much more info given.

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