Free-range parakeet spotted in Jamaica Plain

Steph reports spotting a parakeet flitting around outside the Green Street Orange Line stop this morning.



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    The wild monk parakeets that

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    The wild monk parakeets that were in East Boston abandoned their nest there about a year ago. Maybe they moved to JP.

    Only a guess, but the East

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    Only a guess, but the East Boston birds made it through winter 2010/2011 and then disappeared in the late spring 2011. Maybe they relocated someplace else.


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    I told you this would happen if a Whole Fo.. Paycheck opened in JP!! parakeetafication, man!!! Bourgeois budgies are gonna push us all out of the neighborhood!

    I saw a lovebird/parakeet in

    I saw a lovebird/parakeet in Malden 3 days ago. A bright yellow bird with a little green neck. I tried to approach it, but the bird flew away.

    It was unfortunate too, I was hoping to bring the bird inside. Funny thing that a similar bird, back around 2000 or whenever the year was exactly but it was around the summer between 6th and 7th grade-ish, a lovebird flew into my house through an open window. My cousins were visiting and the bird went straight to try and land on their shoulders (or head). Those two girls completely freaked and was chased around the house. The bird died a few years back. Never expected to see another one fly by outside.

    I hope the bird can survive, I read that lovebirds are not birds that handle cold as well as the birds surviving in East Boston. Perhaps I should keep a window open. Come to think of it, it been years since the last Universal Hub post about those birds, are those birds still going (and going strong?)?

    T police have to crack down

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    I see these birds, especially pigeons, fly right over the fare gates without paying ALL the time. Strutting around on the platforms all cocky.Now you have parakeets,with all their flashy "colors" moving in to the pigeons' "turf". If the cops don't crackdown soon,we'll have the Brookline wild turkeys taking the Green Line downtown to "ruffle a few feathers". And,oh boy,if some peacocks come up from Franklin Park? I don't even want to think about it.

    My girlfriends bird ran

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    My girlfriends bird ran (flew?) away a couple months ago in east boston