Gang Of Turkeys In Newton!

Did Brookline relocate their turkeys to Newton?

Not often that I wish I had a cell phone, but I would have liked to share a photo this morning. On the way to work there was a flock of 18 or 20 turkeys crossing the road by Newton Public Library. We all waited three or four minutes for them to cross. They were as unconcerned with traffic as Paris Hilton is with her IQ score. They stood in the middle of the road, then took a step or two, and when somebody beeped a horn, they gave that person a dirty look. If they had fingers, we all would have gotten one.




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    Never stop for turkeys.

    I hate when people stop for these things like you would stop for a duck and ducklings. Keep going and they will get out of your way. Suburban Turkeys are simply not afraid of cars.

    Try it in a bus

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    Taking the 65 down Washington on Saturday I discovered something; the turkeys in the middle of the street were completely unconcerned about the smallish Honda in front of us (it gave up and drove around them), but when confronted by a city bus, boy do those feather thugs get a move on!

    Surely the real news is that

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    Surely the real news is that there is anyone left who doesn't have a cellphone.

    Bigger brood in Brookline...

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    On Monday there were 28 turkeys sitting disconsolately in the rain near my daughter's school in Brookline. I couldn't take a photo of all of them because they wouldn't fit in one frame--needed to resort to a video!