Gang violence erupts again in Hyde Park

The man who wound up fatally wounded outside a Hyde Park supermarket had connections to Jamaica Plain's violent Heath Street gang, according to sources.

It's the second time in seven months violence linked to gangs in other neighborhoods has hit Hyde Park. Last September, an alleged associate of Roxbury's H Block gang was unloading groceries outside his girlfriend's Readville apartment when he was shot repeatedly. Prosecutors at the time said the shooting was part of a feud between H Block and a gang based at Roxbury's Orchard Park project.

Wednesday's victim, 20 but otherwise not yet identified by police, was not shot outside the Price Rite supermarket on River Street, near the Mattapan line. A source says he was a bit further down River, between Rosa Street and Reddy Avenue when shot. He then ran toward the Price Rite, where a Boston Police officer on detail called for an ambulance. The store overlooks Wood Avenue, home of Hyde Park's own violent gang.



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Heath Street is in JP not

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Heath Street is in JP not Mission Hill...

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Just like how Hoover St. is

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Just like how Hoover St. is in LA (or Watts or whatever) but there are Hoover St. Crips all over the country. It seems most gangs named after a street no longer live/operate on their namesake because the cops have increased their presence in these places over the years. Also, gangs usually try to hit other gang members away from their territory so they don't attract police to where they traffic and sell drugs, and/or incite an immediate retaliation.

By the way, H-block is Humboldt Ave in Roxbury near the JP line running off of Seaver St. Heath Street is a gang based out of Bromley/Heath projects in Mission Hill. From what I remember living around there, H-block was always feuding with Washington St over drug territory, and Boylston and Mozart St. were always at odds as well. I always thought all the gang violence was overplayed, though. Most of the gang members I ever saw in Egleston Square were just sitting on their stoops smoking weed and hanging out. I imagine most of these gang killings start as a simple rivalry and get carried away when a girl or alcohol is involved.

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Too close to home

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I live way too close to all of this. Sometimes it's surprising that such an incredible amount of violence is happening right across the street... at other times it's not. Well, I guess it will be time to move again in September.

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