'Get the snowblower out!'

Hail falling behind Saugus Town Hall.



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...it wasn't even enough to move the French Toast Alert System to blue...

(Seriously, though, those were some pretty nasty storms yesterday.)

Great Accent

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The first woman's voice ("You're safer here!") should not only be listened to by any actor trying to do an authentic accent, it should somehow be put in a vault for historical documentation when the accent is finally wiped out sometime in the future. Perfect.



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Classic Boston/North Shore accent. Especially the two syllable "here". It will be a sad day when regional accents go the way of the dodo and the entire country talks like nightly newscasters.

Let me guess...

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....her name is 'Chickie' and she and Chahhlie are goin ta Naples next winnuh.

What accent?

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I don't hear any accent.