Giant flame, loud FWOOM over Everett tomorrow neither sign of disaster nor summons for forces of evil

Channel 5 reports that National Grid will be cleaning a natural-gas pipeline by the Mystic River tomorrow by burning off the gas, starting around 6 a.m.:

The flare resulting from the natural gas purge could last up to eight hours and be seen throughout Greater Boston, the company said.

Also will result in "a large blowing noise."



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    Where's the best place to view??

    Where to see it from

    Based on the location given in the news report, I'd try the Mystic River wharves on the north side of Charlestown, including the one behind the Schrafft's building and the Ryan Playground next to Route 99. Perhaps also Mary O'Malley Park in Chelesa.

    Yeah very cool

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    Large blowing noise.. good one adam. So does that mean that it will overpower the sucking sound coming from Beacon Hill? :) (aka the sound of the pol's sucking the taxpayers dry..)

    Let me see ...

    I'll try to find a public link to the pollution monitor on top of the courthouse in Charlestown. I don't think that's recording in real time on the web right now, though.

    Could push up the NOx/Ozone in the area, depending on the atmospherics.

    The emissions could be interesting - to me at least.

    Did this ever actually happen?

    I biked along the Charlestown waterfront around 1:30 pm and saw no sign of it. The fishermen I talked to said they'd been there all day, and had seen no flames (though they'd heard about this as well).

    News said it lasted a

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    News said it lasted a half-hour, from 6 to 6:30.