Glass Slipper shooting victim remains in hospital with head injuries

One of two men shot in a dispute over a seat at the LaGrange Street strip club in August remains in the hospital, "still suffering serious injuries," a police detective said today.

Det. Michael Talbot was testifying at a Boston Licensing Board hearing on the Aug. 8 double shooting at closing time. Steven Gayle of Jamaica Plain was arrested not long after the shootings.

As they did at a similar hearing before the city's other licensing board in August, Talbot and club workers said Gayle was a 2-3-times-a-week customer who had never caused any problems before he allegedly opened fire that night. They said Gayle shot one man in a dispute over a seat and then, when that man's friend grabbed for him, shot him as well. He ran out, pursed first by a doorman and then a detail officer from Centerfolds next door.

Talbot said club owner Nicholas Romano has agreed to city requests for making the club safer - including a ban on backpacks, hats and sunglasses, buying a wand to search incoming customers for weapons, turning the lights up at closing and not locking the front door a few minutes before closing.

The board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take against the Glass Slipper for the incident.




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