The Globe writer who hates bloggers

Daniel Wagner surveys Kevin Paul Dupont's hatred of bloggers, counters that Dupont is just a bitter old ink-stained wretch unable to research his assertions.



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Well, then, I know someone who won't be working at

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Deadspin anytime soon. This asshole makes me want to start my own blog, only I'd probably lose my job the minute I write something I heard a professional athlete say in the back seat.

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The funny part is...

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All of the "reporters" at have their own "blogs" where they're allowed to spew conjecture, opinion and half-truths. When called on the fact that they're supposedly professional writers and should do a little research/fact-finding before putting something on the Internet, their response has been "it wasn't an article, it was a blog posting" (I'm looking at you Tony Mazz).

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