Go figure: Amp 103.3 actually needs a music director

BreezyCBS reports it's hired a guy named Joe Breezy out of Atlanta to serve as music director at Amp 103.3, which means they might be about to expand their current playlist, which now consists of "Titanium," "Gangnam Style," that new song by Taylor Swift and that new song by Rihanna.

Breezy, who will also do afternoon DJ duties, is currently music director at The NEW WiLD 105.7. Before that, he was morning host at 101.5 jamz in Phoenix.



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When You Consider...

As a result of comments on a media blog, I sampled the station for a while. When you consider how awful, AWFUL, A-W-F-U-L the recordings thet DO play are, can you imagine how awful the recordings they REJECT must be! Imagine being an adult and having a job in which you must decide WHICH recordings will be played on AMP.

Cranky old people

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**When you consider how awful, AWFUL, A-W-F-U-L the recordings**

You mean they didn't call and ask the opinions of a 60+ cranky curmudgeon for his thoughts on how to do Top 40 radio for young people? Amazing, huh?

Radio went the wrong way in trying to save itself...

And this move just makes me wonder if radio, as a commercial industry, is just committing a slow suicide. It's bad enough that stations are trying to mimic an iPod, only with much fewer songs and more interruptions.

They could have gone with a local music director who would have offered something outlets with a national audience could not - a credible local identity and a compelling reason to come back to radio.

Dumb dumb dumb...but then again, so is most of what's left of the commercial radio audience these days...

Decline begain in the 80's, however...

I agree that when consultants took the reigns in the 80's it was the beginning of the end, but in 1996, they hit the fast forward button. And recently, they've turned up the derp to 11.

We are very, very lucky we still have college radio and now have the internet.


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That would be Double-U-Hub.

So, do we want to pool our resources and buy a station? I'm in, so long as it's agreed we play no Christmas music until at least December 10th.

Suldog (willing to chip in $2000 if "Highway Star" plays once a week)

You mean

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he can't be Hotlanta Sexxay up here? You mean, the Ryan Seacrest look isn't "in" any more?

Very interesting given this article from the Herald

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First of all, shut up. Yes I read bostonherald.com. I have a compulsive need to know where Gisele, Tom, Gronk, Marky Mark and Maria Menunous are at all times and the Inside Track is the only way to find out.

Second, there is a little story about 96.9 going to an all music format. http://bostonherald.com/business/media/view/202212...

I'm groaning as I type this: 969BostonsBeat.com, 969TheBeat.com, and Power969.com


Michael Graham unemployed! "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!"

I will miss the contempt Jim Braude had for his callers though.


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Take heart, you can watch him on NECN's "The Braude Beat" have guests whom he doesn't allow to answer his questions as he rambles on to his next conclusion regardless of what the guest says or their very presence on the show.

Poor Howie

and what about poor Howie Carr? He's doomed to unhappily drone on and on "am talk", "Ya know"?

Is it possible that Boston commercial talk radio will simply implode due to dullness? Will nice guy Dan Rhea luring in liberal callers to eviscerate them be all that's left of commercial talk? Are all the smart kids listening BUR and GBH instead?

As a long shot, I'm holding out for Scott Brown to go to RKO if he looses a second senate race.

I'm just hoping Brown will lose

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A second Senate race. Take the barn coat and pickup truck props with you on the way out, handsome.


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Will somebody explain this to me. I don't mean just this instance as it could be merely a typing error. However, everyday I see this mistake all over the internet. Why the 2 O's?

Sorry, it's just a typing error

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Think of how "lose" is pronounced. It's an easy enough mistake to make, even if you're not caffeine-deprived.

Poor Howie

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On my last check -- Howie Carr despite his 'political' protestations and 'suggestions' is very, very far from being poor.

Bye Bye Scott -- No More Boy Toys!

Lucky City

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We are so blessed to have the number of excellent college radio stations that we have - all with fairly decently powered transmitters no less. WMBR, WZBC, WERS just to name the best three of many. And if music isn't your thing we have not one but two public radio stations.

Between those and streaming other [further away] colleges or amateur radio there isn't a need for commercial radio at all.

Three NPR stations, kinda

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WUMB advertises itself as "Boston's NPR music station." I've never actually heard an NPR program on the station, but maybe I just pick the wrong times to listen.

WUMB does broadcast NPR

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WUMB does broadcast NPR programs as well as their own excellent programming. One problem is that their signal no longer has the reach it did because of the legalization of so-called low power (formerly known as pirate) radio stations which now step all over their frequency especially in the suburbs. The same is true of many of the other licensed stations I used to be able to pick up.