Good thing Carson Beach doesn't have resident-only parking

Carson Beach boat

Yesterday, David Parsons photographed the sailboat that's been sitting on Carson Beach since Sandy blew it there.

The sailboat during the storm.

Copyright David Parsons. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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not that easy

I've wondered for a while how he's gonna get the boat out of there. That area of the harbor is really shallow, for basically all the way out to the yacht clubs. I don't see any salvage company wanting to bring a boat in close enough to haul it off the beach, at the risk of grounding their own tug.

The boat probably weighs 3500-6000lbs ballpark, so a powerboat with a rope isn't going to cut it.

The other option is a truck with a crane or something, but a sandy beach provides a terrible foundation, so that doesn't seem possible either.

I wonder what his fine was when he got charged by the city, depending which law they cited, it could be a $10k fine.

GREAT photoshop. Makes carson

GREAT photoshop. Makes carson beach look like the skeleton coast (Namibia-google image it) which is the most beautifully creepy thing I have ever seen....

My house is about a half mile from there and I know from experience that I could get my boat in there at high tide. I don't know who he is, but I would certainly give him a tow if he asked nicely!!!