The Great Thanksgiving Migration has begun

Matt O'Connor tweeted around 4:30 p.m.:

South Station: girl, Northeastern Sweatshirt, literally carrying a hamper of dirty laundry.

To which Brian D'Amico, himself of the Huskie ilk, replies:

Well ... how else is the laundry going to get home?



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In MY Day ...

We would NEVER bring a hamper of dirty laundry home, nosiree.

We stuffed those fetid, reeking clothes in a giant duffel or a suitcase the size of Rhode Island! Then we hauled that bag uphill two miles to get to the T! Yep, that's because WE had STANDARDS!

Now git offa my lawn ...

Back in the even badder old days...

My husband's father did his undergraduate work at Grinnell College, in Iowa, in the late 1940s. Because man, 40s, few laundromats, etc., he used to ship his laundry home to his mother in Chicago on the train.

The great attraction of BU to

The great attraction of BU to Long Island kids: too far away for Mom and Dad to know you're doin' it, but not to far away that you can't bring home laundry to Mom.


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Everyone knows it's faster to do 3 loads of laundry at the same time in a big laundry room than it is to spend all day at home babysitting the family's sole washer.

I once saw a UConn kid on Amtrak using a black trash bag as a laundry bag as a suitcase.

Ill throw another of my 2

Ill throw another of my 2 cents into this: Who does 3 loads of wash at once? Even if I had enough clothes for that much laundry, if I'm being a lazy student, Ill still only do 1 load at a time, as needed.

And of course, it costs me 6 dollars to do a load of wash at my apartment, at home, free (assuming detergent would be needed either way, and someone else is covering utility costs).

If you have to study and party a lot...

...then you tend to save up your clothing and do a "laundry day" all at once, especially if it means traveling any distance to get to the facilities.

When I lived in a private dorm (in the 70s), we had laundry facilities in the basement (next to the pool). So my roommate and I would both do smaller loads as we could. But in graduate school, living in an apartment off campus, my roommate and I would save up (and do laundry in our bathing suits, sometimes) for massive 3- and 4-washer loads (which included towels, sheets, etc.).

Whites (hot water), dark

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Whites (hot water), dark colors (warm), bright colors (cold)?

That's a Load...

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I'm 37, and I'm doing three loads (whites, brights, lights) in my building's laundry room right now. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the day we have our own washer/dryer (pending renos) but it's really great to do a week's worth of laundry in about an hour and a half.

But, even in college, I hit a point when it was easier to get the laundry done before I went home to visit, rather than schlepping that giant pile with me.

University of Delaware

This was one of the great attractions of UDel for kids from NJ such as myself--far enough away from your parents that they were out of your hair, but close enough that travel home didn't present insurmountable obstacles, particularly in the era (early 80s) before deregulation resulted in cheap airfares. Although I never brought home my dirty laundry.