Grinning automaton at Logan meant to be friendly but is really kind of creepy

This is "Carla," now stationed at the main security checkpoint at Terminal E. Massport claims she's making the security line "a little easier and more fun," in part because TSA agents will no longer have to bark at people tell people to throw out their Big Gulps, but this is Boston and that's a security line, why is she smiling so much?

But here's an idea: Install Carlabots over fare machines at T stops, grinning madly as she explains how to add value to your CharlieCard. Or even better, install her in all the CSA booths and just grin wildly as she spouts random instructions and alerts. Now that would be something.



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    I eagerly await the sense of

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    I eagerly await the sense of relief the next time I fly out of Logan that part of my airfare is going to pay for this critical aspect of aviation security.

    How much did this nonsense cost?

    What a missed opportunity

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    If they were gonna name her Carla, they should have gotten Rhea Perlman to bark out insults at folks standing in line.

    Service like RMV circa 1970s

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    This TSA subject is entering surreal territory. Last time I flew out of Logan, the TSA had my 4year old daughter in tears.

    May I ask what led to her

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    May I ask what led to her reaction?

    I'm guessing she's too young to understand the abomination to the Fourth Amendment that the TSA constitutes.

    jacket, bag, too fast ...

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    In defense of the TSA, my daughter probably got scared and started to cry because of the frustration level of us parents, not because of their direct interaction.

    On the other hand, the TSA asking to have a 4 year old take off her jacket,
    complaining that she walked through the detector too fast, while the baggage carousel stalled our bags, could we please go back and push our bags, etc etc etc, was just a bridge too far.

    Add to that...

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    ...a fleet of those idiot "Johnny-Cabs" from Total Recall, and it'd be complete.

    Completely F'd, that is...

    It would never work on the T

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    The Green Line gropers would sue the Transit Police for entrapment

    I'm cool with the smiling,

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    I'm cool with the smiling, it's the constant blinking that gets to me.


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    Say what you will about creepiness, but she's pretty hot :)