Group to try to deliver binders full of women's issues to Romney HQ today

Should be a fun time on Commercial Street, especially if they're met by these guys.



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Who's Desperate

Someone who calls injured citizens telling other citizens that Brown is lying about the asbestos issues "paid actors"?

Somebody who's latest "attack" is to simply project his own pathetic lack of details and pleas to "have faith" on President Obama?

Somebody who is fading in the polls? (check out both the main blog on Romneyfade, and the senate tab showing the latest polls indicating that Brown is fading to Tan ...)

I don't dread the word 'liberal'

I prefer it by a wide margin to 'tea party' and 'conservative.'

The Republican party has been captured by economic and religious extremists. I'm glad my father, may he rest in peace, did not have to witness its revolting decline.

The media is far left?

What planet do you people live on? Yeah, the raving "everything is equal, Republicans are always right!!!" media is left wing? They NEVER point out Republican lies and basically worshipped Dubya during the start of the Iraq war instead of pointing out IT WAS A RIDICULOUS WAR THAT NEVER SHOULD'VE STARTED. Just because the media doesn't hate gays or the President because he's black doesn't make them "far left", they're corporatist, just like the rest of the media. But go ahead, keep tearing apart those "evil libruls", because the Republicans *really* care about you.

'women full of binders' is emblematic of

  • Mendacious Mitt's prevarication - he did not solicit them as he claimed, they were foisted upon him
  • Mitt's refusal to answer the original question: Does he support equal pay?
  • Mitt's natural tendency to objectify what is not white and male