Guy once shot in the chest charged with fatally shooting man in the head in Codman Square

Boston Police report arresting Oasis Pritchett, 22, on charges he fatally shot Alfonso Rivas at 14 Lyndhurst St. in Dorchester on Oct. 17.

Pritchett, a Roxbury resident, was arrested Wednesday and is scheduled for arraignment in Dorchester District Court today on charges of murder, armed robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm.

In 2009, Pritchett was shot in the chest in Brockton; officials say he likely survived because he happened to stumble upon a fire alarm box.

Innocent, etc.



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Think of all the people who

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Think of all the people who didn't play gangbanger, but instead went into the medical profession, who then have to spend time and resources caring for these guys. Sad, how this guy learned nothing from being shot and felt no regard for the society that saved him once in his time of need.

Guess who is paying for that

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Guess who is paying for that medical care in many cases?

The law abiding people that work hard every day are. In this way, even when when gangbangers get shot by other gangbangers, the public still gets victimized.


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Who do you think pays for your care when you have a heart attack or get into a car accident? Unless you're fabulously wealthy and truly self-insured, all the other members of your health plan. Maybe you eat too much? Maybe you smoke? Why should my insurance costs be higher to cover the fairly predictable consequences of your actions?

Yes, it's unfortunate that we all have to chip in to pay for the care of people who get shot, even if you think they deserved it and should just be left in the street to rot rather than burdening the rest of us, but I like to think we're better than that.

My point is that these people

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My point is that these people are inflicting harm on society in more ways than typically observed. You do realize that good people sometimes suffer greatly and die waiting for ambulances because EMS is busy dealing with these lowlifes?

Law abiding working people, families, and the elderly pay more for less services because of the burden placed on the system to carry these assholes that don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.

No one said anyone deserves

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No one said anyone deserves to be left for dead. I don't get what there is to argue with? I'm saying clearly the alleged offender in this case, did not find his first shooting incident (on the receiving end) to be a humbling experience.

I think as far as the cost goes, this is never a reason to pin taxpayers against each other, but it should not be taboo to point out the time and resources that hospitals provide to these often victim-perpetuated incidents i.e not entirely accidental victims.

A heart attack sufferer, even one who smokes and drinks bacon fat, is not shooting other people. That comparison is a logical fallacy.


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Maybe you are better than me, but I do think someone who's willing to murder a fellow human being over a bag of weed should be left in the street to rot.