Hahbah 101.7 cranks it up as live as a robotic station can get

Madonna, followed by Nirvana, with announcements about how other stations have "playlist envy."

Ed. note: They don't actually say "The Hahbah" - that would be an in-joke reflecting some actual awareness of the local market. Instead, they say "The Har-bore."



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Radio jargon correction

A recorded statement about how other stations have "playlist envy" - Sweeper

A recording of a radio station, edited down from full songs to elements heard between songs - Aircheck


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Not long after, an automaton announced "The Harbor, 101.7 - we play anything!" followed by Foreigner. That's when I switched back to listening to the police scanner.

Another Possible Format Change In Boston Radio?

This morning (Tuesday), WWZN-AM 1510 was airing sports talk via the Yahoo! Sports Radio network. Previously, it had been broadcasting endless yammering by unlistenable talk-show host Jeff Santos, who had been underwriting liberal talk by Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and Thom HartmannThom Hartmann until recently. At Santos' website revolutionboston.com, he contends that there are technical difficulties that are keeping him off-the-air that should be rectified soon. Like a bounced check? Anyway, the station ID returns to the slogan "WWZN, The Zone", the moniker they used when the station was an affiliate of Sporting News Radio. They also broadcast Major League, I mean Red Sox baseball in Spanish. If WWZN does broadcast tonight's game, but not Santos, how can the technical difficulties that are obstructing a locally-originated show not enough to stymie a game from a city hundreds of miles away?

Sailor Sop

What was that god-awful easy-listening station that used to be (who knows, maybe is) on Commercial Wharf? It played only the mindless crap yachting types can tolerate.

I worked at Inc. maggy on that wharf and Bernie Goldhirsh was one of the typical sailing types who loved that pap. He'd play it all day and on the company sailboat tied up beside the magazine. He had many virtues, but his radio taste failed.

There were a lot of good reasons to enjoy Inc., but the preferred music was not one of them.

P.S. I now recall that it was likely the nautical named WJIB.

Yes, it was WJIB

Their station ID's always featured the sound of a buoy bell being rung and water rushing, as I recall from all those years sitting in Dr. Bornstein's office in Winthrop.

I'd rather hear 'har-bore'

I'd rather hear 'har-bore' than a cartoon 'hah-bah.' For those of us walking-around people who actually talk that way, it's not an accent to endlessly comment on - it's just the way we talk.

I never saw this sort of transliteration in print until about the 1990s, when the city had filled up with people with funny accents.


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I've never ever heard ANYONE say "har-bore." Most of us humans say "har-ber," don't we?

Yes, yes, yer right

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It was just a bad joke, is all.

Then again, I have been known to say "Har-bore," but only when reading aloud pretentious subdivision and/or British names, to the point I annoy the kidlet, who makes it her mission to tell me that the British don't add an "oor" sound just because they add a "u" (it's probably a good thing nobody in our household reads Glamour).

New ad: "Harbor 101.7,

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New ad:
"Harbor 101.7, playing in a dentist waiting room near you."

I reflexively tuned to WFNX

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I reflexively tuned to WFNX on my presets on the way home from work today and heard....

Phil effing Collins (actually, I think it might have been Genesis, but does it really matter?)

I thought I had made a mistake, but sure enough, when I checked at the next light, the frequency was 101.7, but inexplicably the word "Harbor" was written next to it.

Jesus might know me, but he knows that replacing 'FNX with this crap just ain't right.

It's all satellite and Ipod all the time, now. What a debacle.

and yet...

Somehow Loren & Wally survived with their Men from Maine shtick and the Wallyology Report (all of which I cannot bear listening to, but apparently they have cornered the old white dude demographic).

And it would seem that Karlson & McKenzie with their humor-free "Senseless Survey" and idiot banter aren't going anywhere.

(Honestly, I can't lie, I would love to do the Senseless Survey and play it straight, as it were. But I doubt they'd allow that.)


I think I am beginning to understand the lemming a little more...

I prefer the Gas Station

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I prefer the Gas Station Radio Network, as featured at the Alpha filling station in Roslindale. Sometimes I'll have a "driveway moment" and I just can't pull away from the pumps.

Gas Station Radio Network

Image voice is Ed McMann. I love that about them. Ed's also the voice of Logan Airport. Love hearing him when I return home.