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Jordan Marsh

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From a few links including this one it looks like it was sponsored by Jordan Marsh throught the 30's


Looks like they have a lot of people dressed up as santa so perhaps a play on Santa's Son? or Santa Season? Just a guess -couldn't find any reference to the name.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

I assume Jordan Marsh sponsored it...

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And it probably ended because they were scraping the bottom of the barrel with hideous 35' tall two headed inflatable floating monsters with evil grins. They scared the hell out of everyone.


When and where was the first Macy's Parade?
Haverhill, Mass., 1854.

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The link cited in the original article above agrees that the Boston parades were sponsored by Jordan Marsh, but it appears to have used hand-me-down balloons from the previous year's Macy's parade. The proof consists of two photos of the same balloon, one taken in New York in 1937 and the other in Boston in 1938. Yet this was long before the two stores came under the same management!

Also of note is that the house in the left center of the 1931 photo -- with people standing on an ornate iron balcony above the dragon's tail -- had been the house of Jordan Marsh's founder, Eben Jordan, and of his son, Eben Jordan II. But the younger had died in 1916, before this photo was taken.