Herald learns why you should never launch a brand-new Web site on a weekday

BostonHerald.com is now powered by Drupal. You go, you crazy open-source-loving fiends, you! But, um, the site (hosted by the Burlington-based Acquia, whose founder came up with Drupal) is lapsing in and out of consciousness this afternoon as they work out the kinks in their new cloud-based Drupal server farm.



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best time

Ummm...the one time you NEVER, EVER launch is Friday afternoon. Otherwise, best time to do anything major is mid-week, working hours, when all hands are on deck and fresh and ready to deal with all the things that will go wrong. Presumably, you have done a soft launch, final staging deployment the week before and worked out some problems over the weekend.

I've had that conversation a few times with CEOs who wanted things done at 3am on a Saturday. Great plan if you don't mind the website being down until Monday when the inevitable, unexpected thing happens and you are trying to find the guy with the key to the whatever that's not available.

Best time - dog days of summer

When there is less news going on. Not during a major hurricane recovery, presidential election, most expensive senate race ever, and congressional seats up for grabs. Then again, the Herald seems to carry fewer and fewer stories online...

I had a lousy weekend once supporting a remote bank customer whose network engineers made a bad change Friday at the close of business and went home.

Oh no!

But the Herald has 2.9 quadrillion website viewers who are burying all output from Morrissey Blvd. with their bostonherald.com love! What are these people going to do?