He's on track

Guy on track.

Victoria Welch spotted this guy this morning gazing at Fort Point Channel - from down on one of the tracks once used to swing the bridge open:

I don't know how he got down there, but I hope he was just curious about the view.



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did anyone call police to check on the guy?

Oh absolutely. People were

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Oh absolutely. People were already on the phone contacting police for that very purpose. Otherwise I would have been doing that, not taking a photograph.

That's good.

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Because even if he just went out there out of curiosity, I can't imagine how he'd possibly get back up without professional assistance.

I sure hope your concern was

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I sure hope your concern was related to the man's well being rather than the terrorism bogeyman.

Yes, anon...

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my concern is for his well-being...geesh...

You can kayak down there, you know

Yeah, there may have been a problem and maybe he was a possible jumper in contemplation ... but it isn't illegal to be in the water there. Come summer, I'm planning to send my kayak in atop the neighborhood carpool, so I can put in at the public dock at lunch time.

I love those tracks. They are

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I love those tracks. They are such a cool visual in the channel. I always wondered what they were there for, thanks.

couldnt sink if he wanted to

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Looks like tide was going out few more minutes and he would have picked up the scent of the mud, which would have killed him not taking a dive into that water.


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Really? People were racing to call the cops about this guy? If he were trying to commit suicide, why would he climb down to a spot 3' above the water line? (The jump from the bridge wouldn't even likely do it).

Why don't I ever see any of these concerned citizens stopping to worry about the bodies slumped in alleyways, building niches, and subway corridors?


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some folks are unaware of the number of bodies pulled from Fort Point Channel. I remember 2 just last year...there may have been more. And, any human being in need gets my attention.

Pray tell ms. harbormaster,

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Pray tell ms. harbormaster, how many of those 2 waded into the water from the low bridges, and how many got pushed into the channel from elsewhere by tides?

Good on you for attending to those in need, where we depart ways I guess is on just how in need of help (the kind I can offer, anyway) this guy appears to be.